What is it?

FlightTrack is my personal feeder to the FlightAware PiAware project. Thousands of individuals throughout the country set up radio receivers which receive radio signals directly from near-by planes. These signals include information regarding their altitude, direction of travel, speed, and squawk frequency.

The FlightAware team then uses all this data to track airplanes and their tracks throughout the world, providing historical data on flights, aircraft, and some real-time data and statistics based on post-processing of this signal data, including ascension and declination of flight paths, tracking flights across multiple PiAware receiver radiuses, etc.

Currently, my receiver antenna is approx. 20 feet in the air, which allows signals to be received (most typically) within a 200 mile radius. I do have limited coverage to the East, and suspect this to be caused by some nearby high-power electrical wires which may interfere with the reception of the radio signals.

click here to see my personal PiAware FlightTrack receiver real-time data

Click here to see my personal ADS-B stats screen on FlightAware.com