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Hey @ohio_statetroopers - f**k you. A seatbelt ticket? You guys are assholes.

Saturday morning vibes

This long little guy is sleepy

It's always a good day when you wake up like this.

She's been laying like this for 40 minutes....

He's listening to and crying on the inside

He's sitting here repeatedly listening to a political message from

Win u at dat job site at 7am, brefkist 'zaaaaa is BAE

Really @stevie.w23 ...

We're sleepy this morning.

This little buddy never too far away from his dad.

Most American thing I've done all weekend.

Let me tell you about my best friend...

part 2.

This little fella always chases the sun.

Getting plastered.

My lil lady getting her sleep on.

Found this wall patch covering a mis-drilled hole for coaxial.

Patiently contemplating a strategy....

Learning how to ride motorcycles with this clown.

Finally decided to live a little! Mid-life crisis learning how to ride a motorcycle this week!!

It's too early for this crap daddy!

Must be Saturday!

run. I got a 52 oz. I've had approx. 2 oz. and I'm freaking sick of it. @jhrocksmo10

Stella doesn't care for the stormy weather.

Follow up... They got me.

Sunday morning vibes.

I70 cop game strong

This place f*cking sucks.

Dogs that poop together stay together.

You know I stay fresh ta death in the snowflake pick up.

Where I go, ball go.


Doesn't get more Midwest than this shit

So excited

Thunder buddies

Thanks @shawnmetz7

He won't eat breakfast without his favorite toy by his side

First girl I ever loved.

This guy loves the shit out of cuddling. Anywhere.

My buddy

Just waiting at the vet!

Not fealing grate tuday. Little stummy in the dumpz.

Good mourning.

Cracking me up tonight with her weird sleep

Working in the woodshop with this old timer.

Gonna be a long day.

Beautiful day for for my grandpa.

We all like sleeping as close to one another as possible at all times no exceptions

This lazy thing

I feel ya dawgz

Seriously Columbus. It's barely s flurry. And you assholes still can't keep it together. I hope you all wreck.

She loves her piggy squeaky.

I'm sick again, but that won't stop this smoker lipped, rat faced doggie from snuggling me.

Merry flu-filled Christmas Eve.

Shout to my dude @oxfordclothbuttondown for the Christmas flair.

Coat rack so I don't have to hang my coats on the floor anymore. Thanks @tamie3789

Tough snuggels tonight

Post minor surgery; handling it like a champ!

My little lady has an eye problem. Off to the vet!

This broad is ok. @jhrocksmo10

New tie! Thanks, @asterzenbach @bsterzenbach and @nathansterz !!!

A boy and his dog

This life is wild.

AMAZING day today; had a little time with this thing!!!! Thanks @jhrocksmo10 for everything today!!!!


Just eating a blueberry pancake/sausage corn dog for breakfast. No biggie.

Some of my favorite people! @sparklegem @karipalmer

Obviously the creepiest toy of my childhood.

Lunch with @shawnmetz7

I hate spending time or doing anything with my family; this is how I deal.

It's fall!


Trash guy had a case of the Mondays!

@shanehaggerty @katyerac rebuttal to Shane's meal: hand-rolled whole wheat pasta, jalapeño cheese with garlic and sesame extracts, and a dash of dried pepper.

This dog has no chill.

All set! Thanks mom and little sis!

Solitude is beautiful.