Happy 30th birthday to the funniest, smartest, most creative, wittiest, most beautiful girl in the world. Happy to spend another holiday with you!!


Catsup and mustard hitting the streets, raising hell and causing mahem. Live to ride, ride to live  🏍️ ☠️

The mountains. The only place I feel at peace. Thankful for @leahfranklin6 for always entertaining our trips.

Round because apparently I fucking hate myself.

Had 2 get new plates on the truck; made sure to make it count.

This is the most miserable dinner experience I’ve ever fucking had. Normalize not taking kids to restaurants.

Best investments ever. See you suckers on the moon.

Minted some long form NFTs tonight.

Happiest of birthdays to the lovely @leahfranklin6! You’re the most kind, intelligent, funny, and beautiful girl in the world. I hope you have the best day!

Just doing my part to convert these idiots to a more intellectual mindset.